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On average, we spend 45 years at work. Or 80,000 hours. More time than we will ever spend with our partners, friends and loved ones. If we devote so much of our lives to employment, doesn't everyone have the right to work for THE BEST COMPANY IN THE WORLD?


In recent times, there have been several attempts to redefine the world of work. Traditional, mostly hierarchical structures are being questioned and new forms of organization are being tried out with the aim of increasing the productivity of companies and at the same time improving the well-being of employees. In the sense of: Self-determination motivates - and motivation leads to more commitment and higher performance. A win-win situation for everyone, it seems. But does the theory work in practice?


The documentary film "The Best Company in the World" searches for and visits companies around the world that have not only adopted this maxim, but also apply it in practice, and shows how they hold their ground. The film questions critically, explores limits and possibilities, talks to business philosophers, historians and futurologists, and uncovers which forms of work are viable for the future. 


About us:

We, that is Linda Forster, passionately interested in all topics of the world of work, employed in a large company, and Alexander Szombath, on the road as a self-employed cameraman and filmmaker with a great curiosity for socio-political topics.


Why are we devoting ourselves to this topic?

Linda Forster enjoys the exchange with employees and the idea of being part of a big whole. Nevertheless, she would like to experience as much autonomy as possible as an employee. To act as an entrepreneur within the company, so to speak. In her professional career, the opportunities for self-determination varied greatly, which had a direct impact on her motivation to work. She found that companies often look for innovative and entrepreneurial employees. Once they are hired, however, depending on the company, they are treated almost like immature children. This paradox drives her to set out in search of a better working world with the documentary film "The Best Company in the World". 

As a filmmaker and cameraman, Alexander Szombath has made various documentaries for Swiss television and foreign television stations. 

Film productions bring together different actors from different companies for a certain period of time. The most successful results were usually achieved when everyone involved had decision-making authority for their area and hierarchies were kept pragmatic and flat. Based on these experiences, he did not hesitate for long to produce the documentary "the best company in the world" together with Linda Forster.

Documentary in Production 2021
The best company in the world

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